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ART PLUS GENERAL TRADING LLC is engaged in multi-stage integrated information projects. Our main area of ​​expertise is automated production systems.

Since 2012, a team of analysts, developers and testers has gained tremendous experience, which we have formalized and now we apply this universal basic algorithm to our successful projects.

We have gained a vast experience in software development and support for automation of technological processes in the gas industry of varying complexity: from simple tasks to integrated solutions, from development for graphic interfaces of mnemonic diagrams and consultations in the field of computer technologies to complete automation of technological processes.

We work remotely from the client office and always begin from an in-depth study of their needs and requirements. At this stage we provide the identification of interrelationships, the formalisation of internal and technological processes, the arrangement of equipment according to clients’ requirements and international development standards.

On each part of project we consult our clients to improve mutual understanding, which guarantee high quality and constant availability of information technology systems in the future.


Software Development

We develop software systems which are designed to automate unique technological processes and solve specific problems, clarifying these processes.

We provide individual customer-centric service and apply the latest trends of every industry, as we understand the current situation in all these industries is very different.

Our software is developed and customised for each production process, is designed and developed for each enterprise in accordance with requirements as well. Due to project we adapt developed software to each Customer’s workstation and make associated corrections based on the test results.

Generally our software is a set of various programs that ensure the operation of all digital automation tools. As part of software development projects, we also carry out graphic design for integrated automated system, which provides even more comfortable control of technological processes, in particular in production and gas processing field.

Mnemonic Scheme Design

The development of mnemonic diagrams is carried out for the visual representation of technological processes within software framework for an integrated automated system. 

The main issue of these diagrams is to give the operator data of the main equipment, signals and condition of all regulatory governing bodies. 

According to the requirements of our clients developments could include an overall image of the system and the processes, as well as the state of individual units and devices.

Our activities as developers is aimed at facilitating and simplifying the tasks of the operator of technological processes working in conditions of a large amount of incoming information: storing circuits, connections between parameters, the purposes of devices and controllers.

Usually, mnemonic diagrams are the general and main source of current system information, providing external support for generation of the best solutions and formation of control actions. 

All these technologies are going to help our clients to control and also significantly reduce the use of energy resources in the production process, ensure the environmental safety of the enterprise and the safety of employees.

Providing Service

The final stage in the development of automated process control systems is the provision of access rights to the developed software.

Our company, taking realities of the modern world, provides remote access to the software for testing to the customer via the Internet. 

This service allows us and our clients to significantly save the time and human resources, to take into account any changes in the requirements of the customer for software, and also, if it is necessary, to adapt the software to the workstation. Our company supplies software to workstations, including remote access work.

Within the project, we can install or just set up installed security system which protects each individual access to software throughout the entire life cycle.

Due to modern developments, our customers can effectively use software and monitor the progress of technological processes in an automated enterprise, regardless of where they are located on the global Internet.


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